The Company uses tested technology which is proven for performance, reliability and safety. At the same time, we also develop new and innovative products and production techniques through in-house research and development to deliver products of international quality. In addition, the Company also works with consultants who are experts in product development and application to continually improve its products.

Manufacturing of detonators is classified as a hazardous industry. The achievement of total safety depends upon several factors like safe compositions and manufacturing processes, safe machinery and equipments and their proper maintenance, construction and protection of building as per specifications and training of personnel. The company and its top management are committed to implement effective safety, operations and work environment parameters to ensure a safe working environment.


1) Unorganised mining industry
2) Organised mining industry
3) Explosive Dealers
4) Mining Contractors
5) Public Sector Units / Government Organisations
6) Export Markets


• CDET ALFA (Ordinary / Plain Detonators)
• CDET ELECTRA (Instantaneous Electric Detonators)
• CDET ELECTRA-G (Permitted Instantaneous Electric Detonators) [Copper]
• CDET VECTRA SDD (Electric Short Delay Detonators)
• CDET VECTRA LDD (Electric Long Delay Detonators)
• CDET VECTRA CDD (Permitted Delay Detonators) [Copper]
• CDET OMEGA (Non-electric Delay Detonators)
• CDET OMEGA STLD (Non-electric Surface Trunkline Delay Detonators)
• CDET OMEGA DTHD (Non-electric Down the Hole Delay Detonators)
• CDET OMEGA DUALDET (Non-electric Dual Delay Detonators)
• CDET SIGMA (Detonating Fuse Relays)
• CDET ASTRA (Seismic Detonators)